Pam Manor

The MAB Foundation is dedicated to promoting, supporting and enhancing the broadcast industry for the good of all Michigan citizens, through education, research, public service, historical preservation, information dissemination and a commitment to diversity in all aspects of the broadcast industry.

Broadcasting is an industry in the midst of technological transformation. It is as exciting now as when radio and television was first invented. For this reason we need to draw the best and the brightest young people from diverse backgrounds into our new digital industries.  Radio and television offers exciting opportunities for those educationally prepared.

We want to thank all of you who have contributed money, time and talent to the success of the MAB Foundation. You can see that your efforts were fruitful. If you have not made a support decision for the MAB Foundation, I would like to personally invite you to do so.

Many of the MAB Foundation programs not only qualify for a charitable deduction, they have been designed to qualify for FCC-EEO credits for stations.

However you choose to support the MAB Foundation it will be greatly appreciated. The MAB Foundation would be unable to continue the good work it has begun without the generosity of our industry and associate friends.

Thank you for considering the MAB Foundation in your philanthropic contributions.

Pam Manor
2018-2019 MABF Chair
WNEM-TV (Saginaw)
Director of Human Resources and Accounting