Gary Berkowitz

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By: Gary Berkowitz
Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting

Whether you’re an all “All Christmas” station, or just spice in Christmas music with your regular format, there are a few easy steps to make it sound as special as the holiday itself.

The on-air presentation should remain up and contemporary. Sometimes when stations go to all Christmas music, the jocks tend to “soften” or bring the presentation down. If anything, the on-air delivery should be up, fun and exciting.

The jocks should always open with a line like: B106.1 The Christmas Music Station. (Please do not refer to the music as “Holiday Music” always call it Christmas music). Other key Positioning lines to consider:

  • 100% Christmas Music
  • All Christmas Music, All the Time
  • Non-Stop Christmas Music
  • All Your Christmas Favorites all season

Reinforce these lines every time. Not just sometimes. It’s critical to drive home the “All Christmas” message.

The goal is to “dress up the station” with Christmas cheer. This is a 6-week tactic. Sound great and get all the ratings credit.

Dress the website for Christmas. Use the line “The Christmas Music Station.” It’s very important that when a listener goes to the website, it reflects what you are doing on the air. Same for Facebook pages. Do what you can with them to make it look like Christmas.

Have high production values. Use lots of holiday jingles. If you cannot get new Christmas jingles in time, take your current ones, and be creative. Add bells, chimes and ho-ho-ho’s to make them sound Christmas.

It’s all about Christmas. All live liners and recorded sweepers refer to Christmas.

Get involved with Christmas promotions. Local sings, shows that are coming to town (Radio City Music Hall Christmas, etc.). Look at a contest tactic like “Christmas Song of the Day.”

Attention diary markets: Change your SIP. Make sure it says, “Christmas Music,” “Xmas music,” etc.

Gary Berkowitz is President of Detroit based Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting, specializing in ratings improvement for AC radio stations.