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The Radio Road Trip Lives

By: Sean Ross [email protected] Twitter: @RossOnRadio You don’t have to go on a road trip to hear small-town radio anymore. Not every small-market station streams, but I come across interesting small-market stations in my various listening apps on a regular basis — often discovering them in the course of searching for some other station. You… read more

Seth Resler

How to Launch a Successful Radio Station Blog

By: Seth Resler, Jacobs Media Strategies Last week, Kim Komando delivered the keynote address at the Radio Luncheon at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas. Kim hosts a successful syndicated talk radio show that focuses on consumer technology. She can be heard on nearly 500 radio stations by over six million people. She explained to her fellow broadcasters… read more

Ready for the Big One?

By: John C. Lund The Lund Consultants, Inc. Spring has arrived (in some places with a last cold blast), and that means spring storms are not far away. This is the season for tornadoes, flooding, and (well, maybe not in Michigan), preparation for hurricane season. Natural disasters and major storms are a platform for all… read more

Station Information Packets, Old School Marketing Techniques That Still Work and Show Your PD Some Love!

By: Gary Berkowitz Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting [email protected] The Nielsen reporting process with SIP’s (station information packets) can affect your ratings. Return your SIP every book. Make sure air talents are not rushing through or not selling calls and frequency. The #1 goal is to do everything to insure listeners know who they are listening to… read more

Reinvent Your Guest Experience: Are You IN… or OUT?

By: Jim Mathis, IPCS, CSP, MDiv J&L Mathis Group, Inc. “Someone will always find a way to do what you do for less expense. But people will pay more for an exceptional experience with you.” -Clark Howard Be Our Guest We purchased a house earlier this year as the culmination of a year long… read more

When Bad Spots Hurt Good Stations

By: Sean Ross [email protected] Twitter: @RossOnRadio I set the radio buttons in my rental car. (Yes, it took a minute to find them).  And, for the next hour I found myself surprised by just how much I was really enjoying KIIS-FM, Los Angeles. It shouldn’t have been a surprise. KIIS is a perennial on many… read more

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Station’s Website

By: Seth Resler, Jacobs Media Strategies A website “bounce” happens when somebody comes to your station’s site and then leaves without navigating to another page on your site. Like radio tune-outs, bounces can happen for any number of reasons: people may have gotten what they needed from the webpage, they may not like what they… read more

Seth Resler

Set Yourself Up to Measure Your Own Social Media Questions

By: Seth Resler, Jacobs Media I often get asked very specific questions about social media, such as: “How often should we post?” “What topics should we post about?” “Should we post videos directly to Facebook or use a YouTube link?” Inevitably, I give the same answer: “Experiment and see.” I don’t say this as a… read more