Category: Legislative Update

Neilsen: U.S. Hemp-based CBD market could be a $2+ Billion Industry in 2020

Nielsen is projecting that the U.S. hemp-based CBD market could be a $2.25 billion to $2.75 billion industry in 2020. These conservative projections already account for hampered FDA rulings and other possible speed bumps for the hemp-CBD marketplace. Of course, broadcasters at this point are largely excluded from taking a piece of the cannabis advertising… read more

While You Were on Vacation: Looking at FCC Regulatory Actions over the Holidays and Deadlines for January

By: David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP While many of us were trying to enjoy the holidays, the world of regulation kept right on moving, seemingly never taking time off. So we thought that we ought to highlight some of the actions taken by the FCC in the last couple weeks and to also remind you… read more

Lowest Unit Rate Effective January 25 in Michigan

From MAB Washington Attorney David Oxenford;  Presidential primaries and caucuses are right around the corner, including the election-heavy day in March often dubbed Super Tuesday. This means stations in more than two dozen states will soon find themselves within the 45-day primary/caucus political window, which brings with it special obligations like lowest unit rates for… read more

FCC Announces Deadlines for the Next Auction for New FM Channels – And a Filing Freeze

By: David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP On Friday (12/13), the FCC released a Public Notice setting out the rules for the auction for new FM channels, which will being in April.  The Public Notice sets out the bidding process for the auction, and the dates for pre-auction filing deadlines necessary to participate in the auction…. read more

Important Reminder from NAB: Online Public Inspection File

Activate or Update Your Online Public Inspection File As of March 1, 2018, all radio and television stations were required to transition their public inspection file to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) online public inspection file system (OPIF). However, the FCC has informed NAB that some broadcasters have not yet activated their online public file… read more

STELAR Update, Sunset Provisions Added to Spending Bill

December 18, 2019 Curtis LeGeyt, NAB Executive Vice President of Government Relations has reported that the eight Judiciary and Commerce leaders (Judiciary: Graham, Nadler, Feinstein, Collins; Commerce: Wicker, Pallone, Cantwell, Walden) have agreed on a STELAR package that is included in the year-end spending legislation that will be considered by the full House and Senate… read more

More on Required Public File Disclosures of Issue Ads – Comment Dates on NAB Petition for Reconsideration and Another Admonition for Inadequate Disclosures

By: David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP The FCC on Friday (11/29) issued a Public Notice seeking comment on a petition for reconsideration by the NAB and several broadcast groups seeking review of the FCC’s October decision, deemed a “clarification” of the public file disclosure rules for federal political issue ads requiring that all candidates and… read more