Celebrate the Holidays with Audio Treats for Your Listeners

Seth Resler

By: Seth Resler,
Jacobs Media Strategies

I have always been a big fan of seeing people (or fictional characters) come together in unexpected ways. Yet in radio, we rarely give listeners the opportunity to hear their favorite morning show hosts interact with their favorite afternoon jocks. As the holidays approach, you can use it to give your fans a special opportunity to hear these uncommon interactions. If your company owns more than one station in the market, you can use this as an opportunity to not only cross traditional daypart barriers, but station lines as well.

Gather your air talent in a studio or room where they can all have a microphone, and record three conversations:

1. Halloween Ghost Stories
Pick one DJ to set the stage for the listener by explaining what’s happening and introducing all of the participating jocks. Then go around the room and have each jock tell a scary story — you can decide whether these need to be real stories or fake — and allow the DJs to riff off of each other.

2. Thanksgiving Gratitude
After the first recording session, take a quick break, then return to repeat the exercise with a Thanksgiving discussion. This time, go around the room and have each DJ talk about something that happened in the last year that they are thankful for. Remember to pick one jock to open and close the discussion with a short explanation for the listeners.

3. Christmas Memories
Record another discussion for Christmas. For example, you could go around the table and have every jock share their favorite Christmas memory, or talk about what they want for Christmas this year. Pick a topic that can be easily adjusted if you have members of your airstaff who don’t celebrate Christmas.

4. New Years Resolutions
If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can record one final discussion to celebrate New Year’s Day. Have each jock talk about their resolution or make a prediction for the new year.

Once you’ve recorded these conversations, you have great content that your station’s superfans will love. You can use this content to steer listeners towards specific actions. For example, you can make them available exclusively in your station’s mobile app, or require people to join the station’s email club to listen. Or, if you simply want to get as many people as possible to hear it, you can embed them on your website and share them on social media. Of course, don’t forget to promote these conversations on your airwaves as well.

As radio broadcasters, we often tell us ourselves that the only way to reward listeners is with cash or concert tickets or other big prizes. But for hardcore fans of our stations, rare and entertaining audio content can be just as thrilling.

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