New Flu Season Materials for 2018!

Dear Broadcaster:

Your station has an opportunity to help save the lives of Michigan children. Did you know that childhood vaccinations in Michigan are on the decline and diseases we once thought were eradicated are on the rise?

Less than 75% of young children and adolescents in Michigan are fully immunized. For instance, cases of Whooping Cough have risen from 62 in 2002 to 995 in 2013.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about immunizations, and Michigan has the 4th highest rate of vaccination waivers in the nation

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, MDHHS asked the MAB board for help.

Our members have joined together on other issues in the past to eradicate unnecessary risks to our children’s health. We need your help to educate parents, caregivers and grandparents about the risks of not vaccinating children.

The MAB Board of Directors adopted the IVaccinate Campaign as our statewide pro bono campaign.

We ask all stations in Michigan to help reach the goal of immunizing all Michigan children by covering this issue in your news products, placing the interview clips on your website, sharing or tweeting on Twitter and creating Facebook posts.

The MAB, your state and your community thanks you. This is also an excellent way for us to demonstrate the collective power of our media to Michigan’s legislative leaders. Please respond by filling out the participation form (you may download this below) and sending it to [email protected].


Karole L. White
President/ CEO
Michigan Association of Broadcasters