Detroit Public TV , along with the Ford Foundation are bringing Fulcrum to Detroit, November 13-14.  The conference is designed to prepare people today for where work is going tomorrow.

The conference will be held at Wayne State University; register here and use the deep-discount code, “DPTV”

You know the world of work is changing rapidly. Headlines scream that robots and software are taking jobs. Technology is transforming how, where and when we work. The pace of change seems to be growing faster and faster.

But we can build a better future – together. At the inaugural Fulcrum Conference, people representing workers, employers, communities, schools, foundations, investors and startups will all come together to collaborate on solutions for a positive future of work.

Register today and save up to 75 percent off with the special code “DPTV” at

Fulcrum is sponsored by the Ford Foundation, with support from and other organizations. Detroit Public TV will livestream the kickoff of the event the morning of November 13. It can be viewed at

Highlights of the Fulcrum Conference include:

  • World-class speakers such as CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (and Detroit resident), the CEO of Shinola, the heads of Diversity & Inclusion from IBM and Time Warner, and the Chair for Corporate Innovation from global think tank Singularity University.
  • Representatives from worker organizations like United for Respect, Jobs to Move America, Good Jobs Institute and the Independent Drivers Guild.
  • Community leaders from throughout Detroit and the region, and from across the country.
  • Representatives from innovative future-of-work initiatives from around the world, including Canada, China and Ethiopia.
  • A pre-conference workshop on Human-Centered Design for Communities.
  • A special public screening of “Road Trip Nation,” a one-hour film from the popular PBS and Detroit Public TV show.

At Fulcrum, you’ll learn how to understand the exponential changes occurring around us, and how to prepare your organization, your community and yourself for the future of work.

Register today at with the code “DPTV.”

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