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There are two types of automated email campaigns that radio stations can use to engage their listeners. The first is a campaign to send out their latest content. For example, at Jacobs Media, you can sign up to receive our blog on a daily basis. This is done using an RSS-to-Email feature.

I want to talk about the other type of automated email campaign.

This type of automated email campaign sends outs evergreen content. It is often called a “drip” campaign because we are dripping out content over time.

These Drip Campaigns have a “trigger,” or an event that causes the campaign to start. Usually that trigger is simply that a person signs up for the email list. Once they do this, the emails start to drip out. The first one might go out a day after the sign up, followed by another email two weeks later, and a third a month after that. Note that everybody gets an email at a different time depending on when they triggered the campaign.

There are at least two places your radio stations should use Drip Campaigns:

1. On the Programming Side

Drip Campaigns are a great way to get more life out of your station’s best content. We have a habit of constantly moving on to the next thing in radio, but there are a lot of listeners who would love to hear the interview with Linkin Park from last spring, or the hilarious stunt your morning show pulled last year. You can use a Drip Campaign to resurface some of this older material.

2. On the Sales Side

When a prospective client fills out a form on the website requesting information about advertising, that can trigger a Drip Campaign. We’re going to use this campaign for “lead nurturing.” In other words, we’re going to periodically send the leads an email containing helpful content to build a relationship with them as they move through the ad-buying process.

For example, a week after the campaign is triggered, we may send them an email with a link to a white paper on “Understanding the Nielsen Ratings.” A month after the campaign is triggered, we may send them an email with a link to a webinar recording titled, “How to Figure Out Which Radio Station Reaches Your Customers.” If the content you send to customers is helpful and relevant, they are more likely to reach out to you when they are ready to advertise.

Planning Your Drip Campaign

You can plan out a Drip Campaign using a simple spreadsheet. Label the columns with these headers:

  • Trigger (What caused this email to be sent?)
  • Delay (How long after the trigger is this email going out?)
  • Audience (Which groups is the email going to?)
  • Subject Line (What is the email about?)
  • Call to Action (What is the email asking people to do?)
  • Link (What does the call to action link to?)

Sample Drip Campaign for Programming

Subject Line
Call to Action
Email Club Sign up 1 day Programming Follow us on social media Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram
Email Club Sign up 1 week Programming Have you checked our mobile app? Mobile App Download
Email Club Sign up 1 month Programming Hear DJ No Name’s infamous Dave Grohl interview Dave Grohl interview
Email Club Sign up 2 months Programming Hear the Morning Zoo prank the Mayor Mayor prank phone call
Email Club Sign up 3 months Programming Subscribe to our podcast Podcast in iTunes, Stitcher, App

Sample Drip Campaign for Sales

Subject Line
Call to Action
Advertising Info Request Form 1 day Sales – Leads Guide: How to Understand Radio Ratings Nielsen Ratings White Paper
Advertising Info Request Form 1 week Sales – Leads How to Write a Great Radio Spot Copywriting Video
Advertising Info Request Form 1 month Sales – Leads How to Choose the Right Radio Station to Target Your Customers Webinar Recording on Demographics
Advertising Info Request Form 2 months Sales – Leads How to Budget for a Radio Ad Campaign Ad Budgeting White Paper
Advertising Info Request Form 3 months Sales – Leads 10 Questions to Ask Your Radio Salesperson 10 Questions Worksheet

A spreadsheet like this makes it easy to plan out your Drip Campaigns. If you would like a Drip Campaign template, please email me and I’ll send one to you.

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