Jacobs Media Strategies will present the results of its 18th annual Techsurvey with a free webinar this Tuesday, May 10 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.  Techsurvey is the radio broadcasting industry’s largest survey, with this year’s 18th annual study seeing participation from 474 radio stations, producing nearly 31,000 surveys from core radio listeners.

Jacobs writes, “This year’s study is a great look at the current environment, closely examining the pandemic’s short- and long-term impact on everything – radio listening, acquisition of gadgets like smart speakers and mobile phones and overall changes in lifestyle, locations and media usage habits.”

The webinar will also continue to delve deeply into the online habits of radio audiences, including:

  • Are we approaching “normal?” Last year’s Techsurvey showed radio very much impacted by COVID. This year’s data is revealing and actionable for all radio stations.
  • How is radio competing against Spotify, SiriusXM and other competitors? New questions this year, broken out by our 14 formats, tell us how each is doing in the new competitive media environment.
  • How, why and when is radio being used vs. digital streaming platforms? Programmers will gain new insights from new questions in TS2022.
  • Where is the audience and which devices are they using to listen to their favorite radio stations? TS2022 will reveal radio’s changing core strengths, and its ability to meet listeners where they are as behaviors continue to shift.

Techsurvey 2022 is presented in partnership with All Access.

If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact call at (248) 353-9030 or [email protected].

Register for the webinar here.