Governor Gretchen Whitmer

The MAB is researching the ramifications of this law on advertising now and in the future. Once we get guidance from our Washington FCC attorney David Oxenford, we will pass on his advice to MAB members.  Watch this space.

Whitmer announced Wednesday (9/4) she was moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes in Michigan by issuing an emergency rule that would ban their sale in stores and online. She said she was doing so to protect Michigan’s children, who she said are getting hooked on nicotine through vaping products marketed toward children.

The Governor added that she was confident she had the authority to ban the products and had consulted with both her attorneys and the Attorney General prior to the announcement. She said the state was on “solid legal footing” in doing this and is prepared to defend it in court if necessary. Under the emergency declaration, that rule can exist for six months and can be renewed for an additional six months before going through the state’s administrative rules process, which is overseen by the legislature.

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