How To See If Other Radio Stations In Your Market Are Running Facebook Ads

Seth Resler

By: Seth Resler,
Jacobs Media Strategies

Ever wonder if your competitors are running Facebook ads? You can find out by using the Facebook Ad Library that the social network launched a few months ago.

Facebook launched the Ad Library to help make its political ads more transparent, but you can also use it for competitor research. Simply go to the library and type in the name of the competitors that you want to search. You may want to look for a few different variations of your competition’s key terms, including:

  • The call letters
  • The station name (if different than the call letters)
  • The name of key on-air personalities, such as the morning show
  • The name of signature events, such as concerts or promotions
  • The broadcasting company’s name

For example, if I search for “Howard Stern,” I find 27 results. You can filter the search results by active/inactive status, by country, or by the page that published the ad. Several of the results here are political ads that contain quotes from past Stern broadcasts, so I want to narrow my results to ads paid for by the Sirius XM page, which includes a campaign promoting an in-studio performance by Billy Joel:

By clicking on “Ad Details,” you can find even more information about this ad, including how many impressions it received, where it was seen, how much was spent on it, and a demographic breakdown of the audience:

Additionally, Facebook will let you create a customized report so you can sift through the ad data that you want. However, these reports focus on ads around “social issues, elections, or politics.”

So, what are your competitors doing? Take a moment to find out!

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