Bob Kernen

jācapps COO Bob Kernen has been named a  “Most Valuable Professional” by Corp! Magazine.

The Corp! MVP awards celebrates individuals that make business happen in Michigan and serve their community. These individuals also demonstrate strong leadership skills in growing and managing a successful business, becoming industry experts, and delivering lucrative business results.

Bob is a seasoned entrepreneur and startup specialist but has also worked closely with major brands including Ford, A&E Television, Microsoft, and Hearst. Throughout these experiences Bob’s focus has been on new product development around emerging platforms with an emphasis on user experience and monetization.

At jācapps Bob oversees strategy and operations for the company that has produced over 1100 apps, which have been downloaded over 22 million times. jācapps is a premier app developer in the radio space, the mobile solutions provider for hundreds of innovative organizations, and a house developer for Ford.

On April 19th in Detroit Corp! awarded XX professionals, entrepreneurs, and millennials for their pivoting work in our community. Bob was present along with some great industry leaders from many segments. Not only is Bob a Corp! MVP but he’s also an Emmy Award-winning writer and published author. “This is a really nice honor. jācapps has been recognized by Corp! magazine before, and the whole team really deserves this one as well. I’m just one ‘professional’ on an outstanding team who demonstrates every day that when it comes to innovation and technology, Detroit is truly world class.”

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