Jumpstart Your Radio Station’s Blog With This Simple Formula

Seth Resler

By: Seth Resler,
Jacobs Media Strategies

To keep listeners coming back to your radio station’s website over and over again, you’ve got to continually pump out content. There’s no shortcut. If you stopped playing music on the air, listeners would stop tuning in. Your website works the same way. Unfortunately, so many radio broadcasters are stretched so thin these days, that when you ask them to write blogposts on top of all their other duties, they groan with exasperation.

Often, the biggest challenge is not the writing itself, but coming up with a topic to write about. There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank computer screen trying to think of an idea. If you can eliminate that issue, blogging becomes much easier.

The way to overcome writer’s block is to develop blog topic formulas — repeatable topics that produce different content every time they’re used. When radio stations are looking to start blogging for the first time, there’s a simple blog topic formula that I like to suggest:

“5 Things To Do Around Town This Weekend”

I love this formula because any radio personality can use it, regardless of their station’s format or their market size. All it takes is a couple of introductory sentences followed by a list of five linked subtitles, each supported by two or three sentences of description. Remember, blogposts don’t need to be long to generate traffic — 300 to 700 words will do the trick. This formula a great way for a radio station to support what’s happening in the community, whether it’s the college football game, the arts and wine festival, or the new restaurant opening.

Not only is this blogpost easy to write every week, it can also be paired with an automated email campaign. On your website, invite your listeners to sign up for the email database to get weekend activity suggestions. Set up an RSS-to-email campaign to automatically send these suggestions out on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Ta-da! Now you’ve got content that can be shared on social media, indexed by search engines, and will also drive traffic via email.

Once you’re pumping out a weekly list of activities, you’ll see how this content marketing strategy can build website traffic, and you’ll be ready to experiment with other blog topic formulas. Here’s a list of ideas. Happy blogging!

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