Last week, MAB Government Relations Manager Elena Palombo testified in the Senate Transportation Committee in opposition to Senate Bill 432 – legislation that prohibits drones from operating within 1,000 feet of Mackinac Bridge. The MAB asked the committee to consider amendatory language to the bill, which will allow FCC-licensed TV and radio stations, and their sub-contractors, to use drones for news-gathering purposes to the extent allowed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The MAB also requested that SB 432 sponsor and committee chair, Senator Tom Casperson (R-38), include the association and individual media outlets in the Drone Task Force, set up by Senator Casperson. MAB will keep you updated on this legislation as issues develop.

MAB is working on a separate, stand-alone bill that would potentially exempt all commercial drone operators from legislation restricting the use of drones.

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