Karole L. White

After several years of offering Broadcast Compliance Services (BCS) to our members, the MAB will not be renewing the contract.  The BCS service is the free EEO tracking program we have offered members over the years.

Usage of BCS has declined dramatically over the years as members continue to adopt their own station tracking systems and the large group owners have developed their own proprietary systems just for their company.

We want to thank Robin Cooper, our BCS representative for her years of faithful service and EEO guidance, and Chip Weinman the program originator.

The board of directors reviewed the program usage and its cost to the association of $18,000 a year then decided to drop the program and redeploy the funds for other more popular programs like our new Sales Consultant On Call Helpline with Mark Levy’s RDR Revenue Development Resources.

For those of you still sending job openings using the BCS lists, please note that the service will no longer be available.  If you need a copy of your notification list contact Robin Cooper and she will help you. She can be reached at 301-998-6136 (direct), 301-983-4634 (fax), 301-775-7176 (cell) or [email protected] Learn more at bcs-ok.com.

Broadcast Compliance Service is available to stations and their owners individually at a special member rate. Don’t forget you may always use the MAB Job Bank as one of your sources.

Looking forward to serving our members in new and innovative ways.


Karole L. White
MAB President/CEO