The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is offering Broadcasters who may be shifting channels as the result of the repack, tools to help communicate these changes with viewers.  This includes a checklist of activities to ensure they are meeting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) education requirements and aware of best practices recommended by NAB.  Some tools are available in languages other than English.

The tools are available here.  

Stations are to complete a form with the NAB indicating with their exact rescan day and time so they can help spread the word to their viewers. NAB uses this information to ensure the rescan database is accurate and send messages to viewers who have signed up through our website to remind them when to rescan their TVs.  Find that form here.

More:  Let your state and local legislators know when stations in your state are moving frequencies. You can use this draft letter as a guide.

The NAB provides numerous resources to help stations at, including talking points, sample scripts and crawls and even automated phone messaging. Also available are customizable spots in English and Spanish that instruct viewers how to rescan their TVs and converter boxes.

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