The Carl E. Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Awards was named after Carl E. Lee, a prominent Michigan broadcast engineer and station owner, who was known for his innovation and recognition of opportunity. Candidates for the Carl E. Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award must have been an employee, officer, or owner of any company, subsidiary or division whose primary business is broadcasting, or is directly in support of a radio or television station in Michigan.

Broadcast engineers work diligently to ensure the integrity of our airwaves. For those who have exercised their skills and innovations for the advancement of technology, this is our opportunity to say “you’re outstanding”.

Two awards may be given each year – one to a radio engineer and one to a television engineer.  The awards are presented at the Great Lakes Media Show each March.

Candidates for the Carl E. Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award must have been an employee, officer, or owner of any company, subsidiary or division whose primary business is broadcasting, or is directly in support of radio or television station in Michigan. One award for radio engineering and one award for television engineering will be awarded. The size of the organization with which each candidate is affiliated is not a determining factor. The merits of the contributions to broadcast engineering are the sole factors to be taken into account.

Candidates for the Awards shall have made contributions in one or more of the following categories:

  • Development of new technologies
  • Dissemination of technical knowledge and literature
  • Leadership in broadcast engineering affairs
  • Mentoring or coaching in the engineering field outside of the workplace
  • Inventions
  • Any outstanding contribution which warrants consideration

Carl E. Lee

About Carl E. Lee:  Lee began his broadcast career as an engineer after graduation from the Michigan Academy of Radio Science in 1939. He rose through the ranks of management and in 1985 acquired ownership of Fetzer Broadcasting Services Inc. At that time Fetzer Broadcasting was comprised of WKZO Radio – Kalamazoo, WJFM – Grand Rapids, WKJF-AM/FM – Cadillac and Muzitronic Services, Inc.  Lee was presented with the MAB’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990.  He passed away February 22, 2015 at age 96.

(L-R) Tom Bosscher, Chief Engineer at WSCG-FM and MAB Chairman Peter Tanz, Senior Vice President, Midwest Communications.

2018 Carl E. Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award

Radio Recipient: Tom Bosscher, Chief Engineer at WCSG-FM (Grand Rapids)

Tom Bosscher started his career in broadcasting at an early age. He received his first amateur radio license when he was in grade school, and took the test to obtain his FCC Radiotelephone 1st class license on a dare while still in high school. Tom started his official broadcast career at WION-AM in Ionia and found himself at the WOOD-AM/FM stations in Grand Rapids at the age of 18.

He later went on to WLAV-AM/FM in Grand Rapids and installed a Pirod 400-foot tower, FM antenna and transmitter for the Class B upgrade.

In June 1995, he went to work for WCSG-FM. Among his first projects was the installation of a 25kw Continental transmitter and FM DA antenna and installing the first of many Broadcast Electronics AudioVault systems. Tom has helped WCSG expand to four on-air stations.

Tom is credited for designing the Grand Rapids Area Information Line (GRAIL), a “one phone call” school closing system that served the Grand Rapids local schools for 12 years. He also developed a significant mobile remote setup using three receiver sites, three vehicular repeaters, two communication grade repeaters and ran 300 to 400 remotes a year for newly built studios for the Federated Media Grand Rapids stations, WCUZ and WCUZ-FM.

Tom has served the local SBE chapter in many fronts, including serving as the SBE West Michigan frequency coordinator for 1 GHz and down. He is a member of the MAB’s Engineering Board and serves on the LEPC for Ottawa County. He is also the host for a mission driven forum for Christian Radio Technical forum on


Previous Recipients of the Carl E. Lee Broadcast Engineering Award:

1997...Larry Estlack

2001...John F.X. Browne

2002...Carl W. Onken

2003...Eugene “Gene” Wiczak

2004...Edwin Buterbaugh

2005...Helge Blucher

2006...Michael Bradford (R)

2006...Marcus Williams (TV)

2007...Del Reynolds (R)

2007...Michael Doback (TV)
2008...Jerry L. Martin (R)

2008...Lowell Shore (TV)

2009...Greg Urbiel (R)

2009...Dale Scholten (TV)

2010...Ed Trombley (R)

2010...John Grover (TV)

2011...Ralph Haines (R)

2011...Michael Laemers (TV)

2012...David E. Gale (R)

2012...Michael E. Winsky (TV)
2013...Bob Lumbert (R)

2013...Chris Arnaut (TV)

2014...Geary S. Morrill (R)

2014...Gary Blievernicht (TV)

2015...Robert L. Friedle (R)

2015...Chuck Mikowski (TV)

2016...Don Missad (R)

2016...Wayne Henderson (TV)

2017...Craig Bowman (R)

2017...David Oliver (TV)

2018...Tom Bosscher (R)