The U.S. Senate has unanimously approved a resolution (S. Res. 501) on protecting press freedom, including calling on President Trump to be a leader in defending the freedom of press, including a press that promotes “government accountability.”

S. Res. 501 recognizes that there are threats to the freedom of press and journalists around the world and that “reaffirming freedom of the press” is a “priority in efforts of the Government of the United States to promote democracy and good governance.”

The Radio-Television Digital News Association’s (RTDNA) Executive Director Dan Shelly, in a statement, called the Senate action a “much-needed affirmation of the importance of the First Amendment and press freedom in the United States. Just as important, it urges a president and an administration that has often been hostile to journalists to instead promote – and protect – those who serve the public by seeking and reporting the truth around the world.

It is gratifying that, at a time when the leader of the free world occasionally calls journalists the ‘enemy of the people,’ that the Senate, on a bipartisan and unanimous basis, would support press freedom at home and abroad.”

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