Jessica BoermaJessica Boerma
WSYM-TV (Lansing)

Jessica Boerma is the Senior Traffic Coordinator at WSYM-TV Fox 47 News, where she has been for the past three years.

Q1: What is your favorite comfort food?
Jessica: Pizza

Q2: Which Superhero would you be, and why?
Jessica: Iron Man because he can fly and has awesome toys!

Q3: When I’m not working, I’d rather be…
Jessica: Outside playing with my three dogs and husband or going to car shows.

Q4: If I had the chance, I’d really like to have lunch with…
Jessica: George W. Bush

Q5: Best advice you have ever gotten?
Jessica: Be yourself, and don’t try to impress everyone around you. Not everyone is going to like you, and you’re not always going to get along with everyone you meet; so there is no point in being fake.

Q6: Tell us something about yourself that very few people know…
Jessica: I’m a sucker for biology and totally believe in ghosts and spirits.

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