Armstrong Williams

Howard Stirk Holdings/WEYI-TV (Flint) owner Armstrong Williams has purchased and donated an atmospheric water generator to a Flint church.  The announcement was made July 10 at Greater Flint Holy Temple in Flint.

Williams says the machine will help the church continue its mission of addressing the ongoing needs from the city’s ongoing water crisis.

“We are the fabric of many communities that God has blessed to serve and empower where needed. My South Carolina farming/business and Christian upbringing and background instilled in me the importance of philanthropy and commitment. It is our duty and obligation to find and help people wherever there is a need. Flint is facing a continued crisis and it my honor to stand with Mother and Bishop Jones, to remind people that they should be able to drink water that is pure, wholesome and trustworthy. This is only the beginning, we should all be looking for ways to help serve communities like Flint.”

Williams’ donation supports the relief efforts of Greater Flint Holy Temple, a local church whose community engagement is one of the few ongoing resources in the region. For years, in an attempt to assist residents who remained after the water crisis, the church has turned its back parking lot into a help center every Thursday, offering bottled water and food, among other community resources.

“There’s no grocery store. There’s no schools. There’s no community outreach,” said Sandra Jones of Greater Flint Holy Temple. “There is nothing on this side but us. And we’re not going away. We’re going to be here for the community.”

Greater Holy Temple became a main water distribution site in January 2016 and hasn’t stopped growing their efforts. They created a nonprofit called The RL Jones Community Outreach Center. The center delivers food and personal care items every week to over 800 households in partnership with the MTA. It hosts a food and water drive every Thursday which serves 460 cars each week. The church is also a resource center for residents to learn more about services provided by community groups like the United Way, Flint Registry, Social Security, AFLAC, SNAP, Early Childhood Development, Genesee Health Systems and more. In 2017, the Community Outreach Center launched Catherine’s Closet of Hope which provides free clothing to those in need in partnership with Carriage Town Ministries.

The Watergen atmospheric water generator recently won a CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award. Using patented technology and manufactured in America, Watergen distributes water generators and emergency response vehicles that are able to provide clean drinking water. Watergen’s technology uses water vapor in the air to produce safe, clean drinking water.

Similar units from Watergen were used during the 2017 and 2018 hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Watergen worked with the American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency to deliver clean drinking water to the communities where much of the drinking water supply was contaminated.

“I take my corporate responsibility seriously,” said Williams. “As a Flint business owner, I am deeply concerned about the well-being of the community. I hope this contribution inspires other corporate executives to do the same.”

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