Bill Steffen

On Tuesday, WOOD-TV (Grand Rapids) Chief Meteorologist Bill Steffen celebrated 45 years of tracking weather in West Michigan.   Steffen came to West Michigan in 1974, joining the staff of WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids).  It was during the blizzard of 1978, with every other meteorologist snowed in, he did every weathercast on the station, morning noon and night for 72 hours straight.

Steffen joined WOOD-TV in 2001.  In 2008, he succeeded Craig James as chief meteorologist. In February 2013, he was honored with the Silver Circle Award for his years of service.

He says his love of weather was evident by the time he was 8 years old, when he set up a little weather station in his backyard in northern Illinois and would call in snow totals to the local TV station. His first time on air was in April 1967, when he gave a weathercast to test the cable TV in Winnetka, Illinois. He wore his Boy Scout uniform because he didn’t have a suit and tie.  Steffen earned a degree in meteorology from the University of Wisconsin in 1974.

“Bill spends countless hours studying and analyzing data to put together his forecast. It’s his mission to keep viewers in West Michigan fully informed and safe — whether it be on TV or on Bill’s Blog at,” WOOD TV8 News Director Dan Boers stated. “Congrats Bill on this big accomplishment and for your dedication to all of us who call West Michigan home.”

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